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At Steel Castles, we redefine the concept of container homes Canada living through innovation, sustainability, and architectural excellence. We specialize in crafting bespoke, eco-friendly homes from repurposed shipping containers, transforming them into stunning, durable, and customizable living spaces.


"Unlock Sustainable Living”

Are you ready to embrace a sustainable and stylish ​way of living? Look no further than our exceptional ​range of container homes for sale in Canada. As the ​demand for eco-friendly and innovative housing ​solutions continues to rise, container homes have ​emerged as a popular choice, offering a perfect ​blend of sustainability, affordability, and ​contemporary design.

At Steel Castles, we are committed to providing ​a unique high-quality modular shipping container homes interior design that redefine the modern ​living. Join the movement towards sustainable ​housing—your dream container home awaits!

container homes canada


Please note that the prices listed above are the basic prices for each Steel Castles container model and do not include customization, additional requirements, or other options as per customer specifications. Prices may vary depending on factors such as size, features, and location. For accurate pricing and to discuss customization options, please contact our sales team.

Additional costs may apply for:
Upgraded finishes (flooring, countertops, etc.)
Additional windows and doors
Decks, patios, and balconies
Solar panels and other green features
Smart home technology integration
Increased insulation levels
Custom layouts and modifications
Delivery and installation fees

Dive into a world of modern living modular homes – where sustainability meets style. Explore our ​current project container homes and discover the future of innovative living.


Welcome to Steel Castle, where dreams are ​forged into sustainable living spaces. As a premier ​modular container home construction company in ​Canada, we blend innovation with eco-conscious ​design, creating modern dwellings that stand tall ​in both style and environmental responsibility. ​Our mission is to redefine living spaces, offering ​customizable solutions that prioritize ​sustainability, functionality, and a touch of ​architectural brilliance. At Steel Castle, we build ​more than modular homes – we build a future where living ​harmoniously with nature is a reality. Your journey ​to a stylish, sustainable sanctuary begins here.


At Steel Castle, our expertise lies at the intersection of visionary design and meticulous ​construction, specializing in crafting exceptional shipping container homes in Canada. With a ​seasoned team of architects, engineers, and builders, we bring a wealth of knowledge to ​every project. Our proficiency extends from innovative space utilization and customizations ​to navigating the unique challenges of Canadian climates. From the conceptual stage to ​the final build, our commitment to excellence ensures that your container home reflects ​not just quality craftsmanship, but a true understanding of the Canadian lifestyle. Trust ​Steel Castle for expertise that transforms containers into contemporary havens, perfectly ​attuned to the beauty and demands of Canadian living.

container homes canada


urban oasis downtown residence

Urban Oasis Downtown Residence

At Steel Castles, we stand at the ​forefront of innovative and ​sustainable housing. Choosing us ​means embracing a lifestyle that ​seamlessly integrates modern living ​with environmental consciousness. ​Here are compelling reasons to ​make Steel Castles your home.

skyline haven rooftop living

Skyline Haven
Rooftop Living

Elevating urban living to new heights, Skyline Haven is a rooftop residence with panoramic views of the cityscape. This project maximizes available space in the heart of the city while incorporating green roofs, solar panels, and rainwater harvesting for a sustainable urban retreat.

lakeside tranquility contemporary cabin


Lakeside Tranquility is a contemporary cabin designed for relaxation and connection with nature. Enjoy stunning views of the lake through large windows that bring the outdoors inside. The cabin is designed to let you experience the beauty of every season while staying cozy and connected to nature.

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